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I'm a Computer Science student from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. A tech-lover with four years of experience in advanced WebDev and project management. Currently working as developer and CEO of APlus Digital Solutions, IT Manager for the European Institute for Industrial Leadership (EIIL) and freelance developer.

I love to turn pizza and caffeine into software Freelancing is the future of industry Part time drummer

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A bit more about me...

I love to plan, develop, test and repeat! Taking part in awesome projects is what motivates me the most. I started to learn webdev and programming a few years before university and now I can say that nothing makes me happier.

Pssst...If I use the word 'algorithm' is because I don't want to explain what I did.

Web and App Development

Project (and maybe time) Management

IT Consultancy

Self motivation

What I love the most


I turn pizza and caffeine into cool software. I have experience in multiplatform enviroments like Java and others (C++, C#, Swift)

Web design

A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it it’s not that good. Anyway, I got three years of experience developing websites and webapps.

Mobile apps

Android and iOS are a piece of cake for me. I can code the best apps in Android Studio and XCode

Hours coding
Drunk coffees
Non-stop working nights
Years of experience

Projects area coming soon!

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+34 620 444 167

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